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The Simple Facts

visitor id is loaded with features that can be easily configured to suit almost any visitor management scenario.

Features Sign-In

Sign-In via touch screen interfaces, reception desks and security entry points.

Features Induction

View induction during Sign-In.

Features Conditions of Entry

Visitor acknowledgement of safety message.

Features Take Photo

Photo taken (optional).

Features Visitor Pass Printed

Visitor pass printed.

Features Host Alerted

Host(s) alerted that visitor has signed-in.

More Features

TickMobile App for access to the Evacuation List plus Host alerting and contacting visitors.

TickEvacuation list available on any web enabled device.

TickSchedule events & attendees.

TickPre-book visitors.

TickSecurity features for regular visitors.

TickDrill-down reporting to PDF or Excel.

TickNetwork multiple entry points.

TickIntegrate with Active Directory.

TickMultiple Sign-In/Out options.

TickPersonnel Presence Management.

TickPre-configured data capture fields.

TickPrint company logo on visitor pass.

TickCustomise background touch screen image.

TickMultiple customisable fields for data collection including 'Reason for Visit'.

TickBarcode/QR Code scanning.

TickIntegrate with kwiklook Online for managing contractor/personnel inductions and credentials.

Looking for More Detail?

View our Pricing to see a complete list of all features included in visitor id, read our FAQ below if you have questions or contact us today for a free demo.


Question: What is the difference between Reception and Kiosk function?
Answer: The kiosk is designed for self-sign-in via a touch screen interface whereas the reception function is designed for a staffed reception or security entry point.

Question: Can visitor id work as a stand alone kiosk with a Touch Screen?
Answer: Yes. visitor id can be run in kiosk mode as a touch screen interface for self-sign-in.

Question: Can visitor id be switched between Kiosk and Reception mode?
Answer: Yes. All of the setup and configuration options are managed with the Reception interface. When completed the interface can be changed back to kiosk self sign-in mode.

Question: Are both Kiosk & Reception functions networkable from one database?
Answer: Yes. visitor id can be run on multiple workstations connecting to a database on a designated PC/server.

Question: Does visitor id save the visitor data from first sign in?
Answer: visitor id saves visitor information and creates a record for each visitor. Repeat visitors can choose their name from a search list depending on the security and privacy options selected.

Question: Can a photo be printed on the visitor pass?
Answer: Yes. Visitor passes can be produced with or without a visitor photo.

Question: Is the visitor photo saved?
Answer: Yes the visitor photo is saved with the visitor data recorded at sign-in.

Question: Does visitor id integrate with Active Directory?
Answer: Yes. Personnel records can be synced from Active Directory to eliminate double entry.

Question: Can mobile numbers and email addresses be recorded?
Answer: Yes mobile numbers and email addresses can be recorded. Mobile numbers will show on the evacuation list should they be required.

Question: Is the evacuation list accessible from a mobile device?
Answer: Yes. This requires visitor id Web Server installed and externally accessible on your network.

Question: Can a list of visitors on site be printed in the event of an evacuation?
Answer: Yes. An evacuation list can be printed with one mouse click or can be accessed from any web enabled device. Mobile phone numbers are shown if recorded at sign-in.

Question: What visitor information is stored?
Answer: visitor id has 18 fields for data collection. These fields can be configured to meet any data collection requirements.

Question: Is the host staff member alerted of their visitors arrival?
Answer: Yes. The host is alerted by email, SMS or by a pop-up window if visitor id communicator is installed.

Question: Do visitors read and acknowledge T & Cs (Terms and conditions)?
Answer: Yes. The visitor must read and acknowledge the terms and conditions of entry before a visitor pass is printed. This is an optional setting.

Question: Can more than one staff member be alerted when the visitor signs-in?
Answer: Yes. Multiple staff members can be alerted via email only.

Question: Can the reason for the visit be recorded?
Answer: Yes. A drop list can be enabled so that visitors can choose an appropriate option.

Question: Can the visitor status be viewed by a host user?
Answer: Yes. The host user must be and visitor id installed on their PC with a valid visitor id licence to view the 'Visitors Onsite' list.

Question: Can the host status be viewed by the visitor?
Answer: Yes. During sign-in the host status can be displayed.

Question: Can visitors be pre-booked?
Answer: Yes. Visitors can be manually entered or selected from the registered visitors list and passes printed before their arrival onsite.

Question: Can any label printer be used with visitor id?
Answer: No. visitor id supports the Brother QL Series Label Printer QL-570, QL-700 or QL-720NW and DYMO LabelWriter Printer 450 or 450 Turbo. These are readily available from most local office and IT suppliers.

Question: Can visitor id output data for customised reporting?
Answer: Yes. Detailed data can be output as a .CSV file.

Question: What do the white squares do in the reception interface?
Answer: The white squares enable the user to clear or reset the search and sort filters.

Question: How is visitor is licenced?
Answer: visitor id requires 1 licence per workstation.

Question: Is there an annual subscription and what does it cover?
Answer: Yes. The annual software subscription is 15% of the initial licence price paid. It covers all online and phone and email support, bug fixes and product upgrades.

Question: Are there additional charges for new versions?
Answer: No. All version upgrades are included in the annual software subscription.

Question: What operating systems can visitor id be installed on?
Answer: Windows Vista Business/Ultimate Editions, 7 Professional/Ultimate Editions, 8 Pro/Enterprise Editions, 8.1 Pro/Enterprise Editions.

Question: Is visitor id a cloud application?
Answer: No. visitor id can be downloaded and run on from a local PC or server with multiple workstations attached.

Question: What database does visitor id use?
Answer: visitor id uses a Microsoft SQL database. Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 Express is installed with the visitor id installer.

Question: Can visitor id run in a Terminal Server environment?
Answer: No. Terminal Server environments, such as Citrix and Windows Remote Desktop, are not supported.

Question: Does visitor id require an internet connection?
Answer: visitor id does not need an internet connection to sign-in visitors. An internet connection is required to access the evacuation list feature from a web enabled device via visitor id Web Server.

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